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Skincare brand for Gen-Z

content strategy & creative direction: 
Pop It Properly
starring @averagefashionblogger

PROJECT BACKGROUND: Clear Start wanted to position themselves as the leaders in acne education for Gen Z. The challenge was to communicate a lot of dense acne science into bitesize, easily-understood chunks suitable for a TikTok audience. I crafted a multi-channel content strategy and creative concept to live on TikTok and their native website. The concept featured @averagefashionblogger (Courtney Parchman) as a modern-day crazed Bill Nye who teaches about pimples and how to pop them properly. I served as creative director and content strategist.

copywriting for product launch: Breakout Clearing Liquid Peel

Clear Start Copy

PROJECT BACKGROUND: Wrote all copy for packaging and website, as well as in-store displays for Ulta

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