LIVIT (formerly LiveAF), a live streaming mobile app

As the Head of Marketing, I oversaw all brand and marketing strategy, including:

  • Rebrand of LiveAF to LIVIT (market research, naming, art direction, PR, and a launch campaign)

  • Brand positioning, identity, and messaging for rebrand

  • Ad creatives and marketing materials

  • Facebook/Instagram ads

  • Social media + content management


Name: We rebranded from LiveAF to LIVIT. The new name (pronounced with a short "i" like rivet) is inspired by the candid, real life content that's shared on the app; through the new name, we were encouraging users to show how they live their lives via livestream. 

Brand Identity: We went with a vibrant color palette to evoke the vibrancy of live content. The new logomark features bold block text with softer edges to communicate an approachable vibe. The broken-up T at the end serves 2 purposes:

1) Without the right square of the T, the I and T make "17," subtly shouting out the parent company, 17 Media.

2) The small square can be animated to blink in red, communicating the live recording aspect of the app.

Brand Consultant: Kristie Wickwire

Brand Identity DesignShelby White in collaboration with Canaan Richardson

Intro Video: Ryan Smith


Oversaw creative strategy, production, messaging, targeting, OOH media buying, and FB/IG ad setup. After establishing our 3 segments (attractive girls, talented people, and general entertainment), we created ad concepts (video and static) to appeal to those who like each of these segments. The goal was to communicate that LIVIT streamers are real people, streaming real moments straight to your phone—they're so real, you’d think they’re with you IRL, not just on your phone.

Copy and Creative Direction: Shauna Williams

Photography: Aaron Jacobi

Video ProductionMarcus J. Thomas

Result: Increased user retention by +8pts, and drove +100% growth in monthly downloads