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Clear Start was launching a new product, their first ever peel, Breakout Clearing Liquid Peel. It was important to them that the research-driven formula was communicated clearly and succinctly on the packaging, but also communicated the benefits and reason-to-buy. 

What I Did

Wrote all copy for marketing (taglines, social, website), packaging (bottle and carton), and POS in-store displays for Ultas nationwide.


Clear Start by Dermalogica

Type of Client

Beauty, Skincare

Project Type

Copywriting, Product Launch

My Role


Breakout Clearing Liquid Peel - Clear Start by Dermalogica

the copy

As there was a shimmer quality to the peel, we leaned into that in the copy to delight the customer. 

Secondary Tagline

(ingredient- and benefit-driven)

The AHA & BHA acid dream team to banish breakouts

Primary Tagline

Skin so clear, you'd think it's magic

In-Store Ulta Challenge

See the magic for yourself
two weeks to clearer skin

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