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Doubled monthly downloads


Slashed acquisition costs -45%

Increased user retention +2pts


LIVIT is a subsidiary of 17 Live, a live streaming app that originated in Taiwan. It expanded to Japan and Hong Kong with immense success, so it soon expanded into the US. I was a part of that US founding team. When I first joined, it was called LiveAF which not only felt too trendy, but the implied profanity limited us from big media partnerships. So I led the company through a rebrand for the US app. 

What I Did

  • Project managed the rebrand, working with internal stakeholders to maintain priorities

  • Vetted and oversaw agencies and contractors for strategy, design, creative, and PR

  • Creative directed all materials and the launch campaign​

  • Wrote all copy and storyboards for ads

  • Oversaw digital and OOH media buying


LIVIT (in-house)

Type of Client

Tech (mobile app), Entertainment

Project Type

Rebrand, Brand Strategy, Campaign

My Role

Marketing Director, Creative Director

LIVIT Rebrand

the campaign

Brand Name

Rebranded from LiveAF to LIVIT. The new name (pronounced with a short "i" like rivet) is inspired by the candid, real life content that's shared on the app; it communicates the behavior we were encouraging — that is, show the world how you live your life via livestream. 

Logo & Color Palette

We used a vibrant color palette to evoke the vibrancy of live content.

The new logomark featured bold block text with softer edges to communicate an approachable vibe. The broken-up T at the end serves 2 purposes:

  1. Without the right square of the T, the I and T make "17," subtly shouting out the parent company, 17 Live.​

  2. The small square can be animated to blink in red, communicating the live recording aspect of the app.

Kristie Wickwire, Brand Consultant
Shelby White, Brand Identity Design in collaboration with Canaan Richardson
Ryan Smith, Animater / Editor (explainer video)

the brand identity

The goal was to communicate that LIVIT streamers are real people, streaming real moments straight to your phone—they're so real, you’d think they’re with you IRL, not just on your phone. Using performance data to establish our 3 target segments, we created video and static ad concepts. This was a national campaign, with digital and OOH placements in key markets.

Aaron Jacobi, Photographer

Marcus J. Thomas, Videographer & Editor

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