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Tezza launched an important new feature in the app called Flows, which would allow users to save their personal editing "recipe" for repeat future use. It was a completely new way for users to interact with the app, so the challenge was to 1.) educate existing users on how to use the new feature, and 2) do so with minimal in-app messaging (there was no in-app CRM system, meaning I could not utilize push notifications, SMS, email or in-app guides). 

What I Did

OKR-driven campaign strategy:

Using the OKR method, I established our objective: drive adoption of the new Flows feature. Since we didn't have a way to quantitatively measure in-app use (no product analytics at the time), the key results (KPIs) were focused on organic social media engagement

From there, I outlined initiatives that would drive our social media engagement. This mainly included a robust education content strategy showing how aspirational Tezza users use the new feature. This was carried out via influencer partnerships and in-house content creation.

Creative strategy:

I also served as Creative Director for this campaign, outlining key messaging and creative assets for the launch. Two key messages arose: Dial in your favorite edit and The perfect edit in one tap. All pre-launch teasers and designs played into these themes (see below).

Flows feature launch for Tezza app


Tezza (in-house)

Type of Client

Tech (Mobile App), Lifestyle, Fashion, Media

Project Type

Feature Launch Campaign

My Role

Marketing Director, Creative Director, Copywriter

post-launch education campaign

I identified 2 key messaging themes that we could use for marketing the launch:

  1. Dial in your favorite edit

  2. The perfect edit in one tap

These key messages were the foundation of our campaign creative. I used them to concept and storyboard 2 social-first teaser videos to build excitement amongst our users on organic social. Art directed and shot by founder, Tezza Barton.

pre-launch teasers

The goal of this campaign was to educate users on the new feature and drive adoption of it. We did a 7-part content series showing how various aspirational Tezza users create their own Flows. The purpose was to educate via tutorial, but also to build credibility and FOMO by showcasing KOL content creators. 

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