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21.4 Million Impressions in less than 24 hours

+10% Monthly Recurring Revenue Growth


Tezza launched a new feature in the app called the Tezza Film Shop, which housed their first ever vintage film-like effects for photos and videos. For the campaign, we leaned into the nostalgia of vintage film vibes. We threw a 200-person launch party at LA's famously frozen-in-time roller rink, Moonlight Rollerway.

What I Did

  • Led the campaign and creative direction from end to end for experiential event — oversaw the event production company, timeline, budget and logistics

  • Sourced and managed a graphic designer and videographer

  • Led UGC/influencer initiatives for organic and paid social

  • Wrote all copy, including campaign messaging


As part of the campaign, we also made the new film effects free to all users for 2 weeks to build a habit, then put them behind a paywall to encourage subscriptions. 

Roller Disco celebrating launch of Tezza Film Shop


Tezza (in-house)

Type of Client

Tech (Mobile App), Lifestyle, Fashion, Media

Project Type

Campaign, Event

My Role

Project Lead, Creative Director, Copywriter

the branding

social mentions

video by Juan Flores

Featured Attendees

Alyssa Lynch, Jordan Sloane, Ty French, Cierra Nie, Quigley Goode, Matilda Djerf, Ella Ellbels, Breyona Holt, Michelle Infusino, Sami Clarke, Jorden Keith, Delaney Childs, Behamin Barootkoob, Jaci Marie Smith, Kayla Seah, Tatiana Elizabeth Price, Ayla Woodruff, Becca Tilley, Jamie Kidd

Event Sponsors

Benefit Cosmetics


Wolffer Wine



Event Production

the event


Shauna Williams

Graphic Designer

JZ, @jzcreativespace.jpg

with supplemental designs from Chloe Bruderer and Shauna Williams

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