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Clear Start wanted to position themselves as the leaders in acne education for Gen Z, especially when it comes to popping pimples safely. The challenge was to communicate a lot of dense acne science into bitesize, easily-understood chunks suitable for a TikTok audience.

What I Did

I crafted a multi-channel content strategy and creative concept to live on TikTok and Clear Start's website. The concept starred @averagefashionblogger (Courtney Parchman) as a modern-day crazed Bill Nye who teaches about pimples and how to pop them properly. I served as creative director and content strategist, and wrote all campaign copy. for social, email, and ads. 


Clear Start by Dermalogica

Type of Client

Beauty, Skincare

Project Type


My Role

Creative Director, Content Strategist, Copywriter

"Pop it Properly" for Clear Start by Dermalogica

the series

To build excitement and prime Courtney's audience for the skincare series, we had her post an organic-looking TikTok in her usual chaotic comedy style. It went live the day before the series launched, and also went viral.  

pre-launch teaser

Since the content was so science-dense, we went with a fully scripted 5-episode series. Courtney Parchman (@averagefashionblogger) plays a modern day chaotic Bill Nye, educating audiences about acne and popping pimples through fun science experiments. 


We used video teasers on TikTok and Instagram to push viewers to a custom landing page where the full episodes lived with additional acne education content. We also used the campaign to drive retail traffic at Ulta stores with a meet and greet contest with Courtney and exclusive in-store acne extraction treatment.

Shauna Williams, Creative Director & Strategist

Aaron Grimes, Director & Writer

Abby Pendergrast, Art Director/Props

Kyra Joseph, Wardrobe Stylist

Sazan Pasori, Animations

Aaron Jacobi, Photographer

Nick Mazza, Music

Pop It Properly Hero
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